Source code

Download the official source code using the links below. We recommend running the ClamAV Stable Version on production systems.
Not the right format for your operating system? Find Win32, MacOS X, Linux & BSD packages in the Alternate Versions section.

The latest stable release is 0.103.2

file Modified Size
clamav-0.103.2.tar.gz 2021-04-07 16:43:14 UTC 12.8 MB
clamav-0.103.2.tar.gz.sig 2021-04-07 16:43:19 UTC 801 bytes

Alternate Versions of ClamAV

Various third parties have developed versions of ClamAV to work on a variety of operating systems. Several of these are listed below. Installation instructions for many operating systems can be found in the documentation.

Windows Packages
Linux Packages
BSD Packages
Solaris Packages
macOS Packages

Third Party ClamAV Tools

The software listed in this section is authored by third parties and not by the ClamAV Team. Compatibility may vary.

Generic Mail Transfer Agents
Post Office Protocol Tools
Web & FTP Tools
Filesystem & On-Access Scanning
Mail User Agents
ClamAV Bindings
Miscellaneous Tools

Submit ClamAV Tools

If you have written software that can make use of ClamAV, please notify the Community Manager. Be sure to include the name of the program, a short description, the URL of home site, and the author's email address. Please note that we will only review software that is released under an OSI license.